Convert CSV to TSV

Convert comma separated values (CSV) into tab/space separated TSV data.You can use any of the following approach.

  • Paste csv input directly.
  • Insert URL
  • Upload csv file

About CSV :

It's a document with collection of comma separated values in a text file with .csv's useful in various applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel) to display larger data in table making it more simple to read.Data usually is comma separated but can be Tab (' | ') or Space ("  ") separated also.To read more about CSV click here.

About TSV :

Tab Separated Values (TSV) file is simple tubular structured data representation.This type file is mostly used for database data exchanges or spreadsheets to store larger data.Every record in the table is a line of text file whereas each field value is separated from the next one by tab character.To know more about TSV click here.