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MD5 Hash Generator

Generate an MD5 hash with this simple tool.

Input any text in below field and hit Create MD5 Hash to get the encrypted MD5 format of the text.

What is MD5?

MD5 stands for 'Message Digest algorithm 5'. MD5 algorithm is used as a cryptographic hash function or a file fingerprint. Often used to encrypt password in databse, MD5 can also generate a fingerprint file to ensure that a file is the same after a transfer for example. A MD5 hash is composed of 32 hexadecimal characters. MD5 means a 128-bit encryption algorithm, generating a 32-character hexadecimal hash. This algorithm is not reversible. It is normally impossible to find the original word from the md5 hash. Enter a word in the MD5 encrypter form above to know the corresponding MD5 hash. Check more about MD5.